Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic


Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic provides preventative care, surgery, imaging, diagnostics, and medical treatment for mostly dogs and cats. Limited emergency services are available for regular clients in good-standing. We strive to provide quality rational care for your pets at a reasonable cost.

Call for an appointment. Appointments are often scheduled for mornings (9:30 to noon), afternoons (1:30 to 5 PM), and evenings (6:30 to 9 PM).

We are located off of State Route 104 just southwest of SUNY Oswego. Our address is:

7100 State Route 104
Oswego, NY 13126

We can be contacted at (315) 343-4300.

See our menu to the left for more information about the clinic and pet care. Additional information regarding pet care can also be found at:,, and specifically for cats,

Payment expected at time of service rendered. We accept cash, check, visa, mastercard, and discover.


COVID-19- Due to the severely contagious nature of this virus and the threat of transmission form person to person with resultant illness and death, we are restricting our services to essential needs.

Please call before coming in so that we can prepare and minimize contact.

If you have a cough, feel ill or have a fever, DO NOT COME IN. Make other appropriate arrangements. We can try to advise by phone or email.

Essential services include seeing pets that are ill or require certain vaccinations or tests. Adult animals may have their vaccinations deferred.

Heartworm testing should be restricted to dogs that have significant risk factors (i.e. failed to have prevention during the previous year).

We want you to have needed tick and flea treatment, heartworm preventive and other needed medications. Please call so we can prepare items for pick-up.

PLEASE BE PATIENT! We have limited phone lines. We will strive to get everything done, but often the line may be busy. E-mail may be used, but e-mails may lead to communication failures.

Please consider paying by card. Although it is not yet known whether currency can transmit COVID-19, it should be avoided and persons should wash their hands after handling cash.

Ticks! Tick activity occurs whenever the daily temperature reaches 45ºF. Ticks are a potential threat throughout the year, but there is often a rise in tick activity in the spring and fall.

Heartworm season approaches. Prevention should be started by June first. Ticks provide a threat throughout the year, but there is often a rise in tick activity during the spring, often beginning in March.