Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic

Lameness in Dogs

Keep your pet inactive for several weeks: no running, no jumping, no climbing up or down. If the lameness is getting worse, or there is no improvement in a few weeks, we recommend sedation or anesthesia (and usually some blood work) and radiographs of the lame leg.

Big or overweight dogs can be helped with their lameness by wearing a harness to help support their front legs (or a backwards harness to support their back legs) and/or a towel to act as a sling under their belly or in front of their hind legs to help them get around. Pull up gently on the harness or sling to have them instantly lose a little weight to help them go up or down steps or across slippery floors.

Weight loss is important for all lame pets that have any extra weight on them. Weight loss works better than any drug to help their legs heal up and stay healthy.