Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic

Caring for a Sick Dog

Administration of Subcutaneous Fluids

Hydration is very important for animals that are ill. Dehydration often causes animals to be depressed even if their original illness (like vomiting or diarrhea) has resolved. We often recommend that fluids containing electrolytes (NOT SUGAR) be administered to sick pets. This can be practically accomplished by injecting sterile electrolyte fluids by needle into the subcutaneous space. Often owners/caretakers are able, with instruction, to perform this very useful and beneficial therapy. The following link details instructions on how to perform the administration of subcutaneous fluids in general terms: subcutaneous fluids handout. This should only be done after having been instructed by our staff and discussing the benefits and risks with one of our veterinarians. The linked instructions are only intended as a helpful reminder for clients of FVVC who have been instructed and fully consent to taking on the responsibility of performing the task.