Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic

Wounds, Abscesses, and Trauma in Cats

Meticulously keep the cast clean and dry. Use plastic bag in wet weather. Call for immediate recheck if you notice swollen toes, bad odor or mutilation. Failure to act promptly may lead to gangrene. If the cast gets wet, it may be carefully dried with a hairdryer (beware of excessive heat). The cast may become loose and require replacement as the limb muscles atrophy and any acute swelling resolves. Call if there is a problem.

Monitoring a Hit-By-Car

Things to check on a pet recently struck by a vehicle: gums should be pink, breathing should NOT be labored or excessively open-mouthed, extreme tired-ness or depression may mean shock. Drinking & urinating are good signs.

Care of Open Wounds

The wound is to be kept open to allow drainage. Pockets of fluid or pus should be expressed. The wound may be hot-packed with a warm wet washcloth for 5 minutes several times daily to speed healing & prevent early closure.