Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic

Litterbox advice (cats)

Suggestions are: Confine your cat to a single room with a variety of litter boxes and litters to find out what his preferences are. When he is ready to roam the house, add more litter boxes (at least some uncovered) in a different locations. (Not near food). There should be one to 2 litter boxes per cat in each household. If you would rather clean litter boxes than your house, get more litter boxes. Try different litters and different boxes- some cats like to perch and will stop using the box if it tips too much. Providing them with bricks around the box to perch on can make them feel more secure. Cats that like to perch can also be trained to use the toilet. Cats prefer unscented litter. You should be able to stick your nose next to it and breath in comfortably without having to cough or sneeze to clear your airways.