Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic

How to give pills to cats

  1. Cats are typically not very trusting, but some may eat the pill if it is small enough and covered in a food they like or Pill Pocket.
  2. ALWAYS follow the pill with a small amount of food or water to ensure that it does not stick in the animal’s throat.
  3. Typically, however, you will need to pill by hand or with a "Pill Popper." See these instructions from Washington State University for both approaches.

More tips for hiding pills in treats:

Use small treats - if the cat bites into the treat, the pill is less likely to be swallowed.

Have several treats - offer one first for the cat to investigate, chew, then give the pill in the treat followed immediately by another small treat to encourage swallowing the pill so that the last treat can be eaten.

Coat the pill with a small amount of cheese or other fat to prevent it from dissolving if the treat is moist like canned cat food

Feed the cat less beforehand so it will be hungry for your pill treats.