Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic

Feeding Your Cat

Kittens generally can eat as much as they want. It is helpful to feed them at least a little dry and canned food even if you prefer one type of food over the other. If you generally feed dry but your cat becomes sick or has urinary problems then canned food might be easier or better to feed, but if your cat has never eaten canned food before it may not want to start when we need it to.

Most adult cats are overweight. They only need about a 1/2 cup food per day. If your cat is very demanding when it comes to food you may need to spread out his 1/2 cup meal into several small meals throughout the day. In multiple cat households try feeding the cats separately and pick up their food dishes when they are finished. Feeding cats in carriers can help people who do not have enough doors and can make it much easier to bring your cat to the vets.

You might also try to increase your cats activity through the use of catnip or making the cat work for his dinner. There are toys available that dispense food when the cat rolls it. You can also try throwing pieces of food so your kitty has to "chase" her dinner.

When the cat is asking for food, gradually adding more and more water to its meals can help it feel more satisfied.

New foods should be introduced gradually. The first exposure should just be a mouthful. Five to seven days should be used to gradually feed less of the old food and more of the new food.

If only the new food can be fed from the first day: then the mouthful could be followed several hours later by two mouthfuls, then a few hours later: three mouthfuls. It is better to keep the pet hungry than to feed it too much of a new food. It should take at least 3 days of gradually increasing the size of the meal before making the meals every 4 hours (i.e feed 6 times a day on the 4th day) the next day total food offered can be split into five servings.

If the pet does not like the food, keep the meals small and less frequent, do not increase the amount until it is accepted.

If vomiting or diarrhea become a problem, call us.