Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic


Fruit Valley Veterinary Clinic (FVVC) provides preventive care with core and elective vaccinations for dogs and cats, medications for control and treatment of internal and external parasites (heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks). Rabies tags and microchip implantation are available. Anal gland expression and nail trimming are available.

FVVC provides a wide range of screening and diagnostic testing including: heartworm infection, Lyme exposure, Feline Leukemia virus, stool analysis for intestinal parasites, urinalysis, cytology, blood chemistry, endocrine tests and serology.

FVVC employs imaging technology including digital radiography and ultrasound for diagnosis and screening. Hip and elbow dysplasia screening through the Orthopedic Foundation of America is available.

FVVC provides soft-tissue surgery including spaying and neutering, tumor excision, wound repair, cherry-eye repair, entropion repair, hernia repair, urinary calculus removal, amputation, episioplasty, urethrotomy, abdominal exploratory, gastrotomy, enterotomy, enucleation, polyp removal, nasal wedge resection and other procedures.

FVVC's dental services include cleaning, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, extractions and radiographs under anesthesia.

FVVC provides medical treatment for outpatient and inpatient needs including fluid administration, catheterization, enemas, and administration of medications. Medically-indication grooming is available. Patients are hospitalized and treated by a dedicated staff.

FVVC uses sedation, analgesia and anesthesia with monitoring to allow for surgery and treatment. Licensed veterinary technicians are key to maintaining safe induction, maintenance and recovery.

FVVC carries a wide variety of products to meet the medical needs of our patients including flea & tick products, heartworm prevention, medications, prescription diets, nursing products, dental products, shampoos, recovery collars and head halters.